Letter: Common Core promotes thinking, not memorizing

by Lacey Leonard-Mendola, The Buffalo News

Common Core promotes thinking, not memorizing

Regarding the letter, “Common Core curriculum doesn’t teach critical skills,” I’d like to thank the writer for volunteering in local schools, however, her perception of mathematics in schools is misconstrued.

My Kindergarteners Are Inspired, Not Stifled by Common Core

By Catherine Cushard, Education Post

It’s often said by critics that Common Core State Standards are too tough for our youngest learners, and that the play and experimentation time in schools will be lost. The reality is that the Common Core inspires critical thinking and problem solving, and these necessary skills can be developed even in our youngest learners.

Common Misperceptions

By Annice Brave

A typical day in my College Preparatory English III classroom in Illinois looks like this: Students work in small groups annotating passages from a novel. They highlight text that they feel is important so they will be able to quickly find it to use in discussion or in response to questioning. They note in margins those ‘aha’ moments when an idea became clear, or they write questions that the passage has provoked. They also place check marks or stars next to passages that relate to earlier works they read which apply to this new text.