Who Supports Michigan’s Standards

Michigan higher standards are supported by virtually every Michigan education, business, civic, parent and military organization that is actively involved in student achievement. This includes groups representing:

  • Teachers, principals, superintendents and local school boards, who say the standards are already improving instruction while better preparing our students for college and career
  • Universities and community colleges,  who say Career- and College- Ready Standards will lower remediation rates for incoming students
  • Traditional public schools and charter schools, who sometimes disagree on education policy but are united on higher standards
  • Parents, including PTA Michigan, who want to increase education and job opportunities for their children
  • Business leaders, who say the standards are critical to Michigan’s economic recovery
  • Education advocates, like the Education Trust-Midwest, who say the standards will help narrow achievement gaps
  • Military families, whose service routinely results in their children attending multiple schools in different states.

To see a list of coalition members and supporters in Michigan look here.