• Common Core helps move students from passive learners to critical thinkers who are college and career ready.” Bobbi Jo Kenyon, 2012-2013 Michigan Teacher of the Year Read More

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Video: Thinking Class

from Educator Voice Fellowship Kelly Pieprzyk talks about her student’s enthusiasm for close reading and analysis in her “thinking” class.

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My Kindergarteners Are Inspired, Not Stifled by Common Core

By Catherine Cushard, Education Post It’s often said by critics that Common Core State Standards are too tough for our…

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NOVI SUPER TALK: School testing season is upon us

Steve Matthews, Hometown Life It is finally March! February, for being such a short month, sure seemed long this year….

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Poll: Widespread misperceptions about the Common Core standards

By Scott Clement and Emma Brown, The Washington Post Many Americans are confused about the Common Core State Standards, according to…

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Has the first state to adopt Common Core developed tools that make the controversial standards work?

Three years ago, teachers at Woodland Middle School in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, began using a newly developed tool to structure…

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Reagan Education Secretary: ‘There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation about Common Core”

Thursday, February 5, 2015 – 9:00am  — Written by Mark D’Alessio This post originally appeared on the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s blog.

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Letter: An argument for Common Core

This past Sunday, Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, was a guest on Fox News arguing against the Common Core…

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Nine questions: What does it even mean to oppose the Common Core?

By, Michael J. Petrilli Almost every article and column written about the nascent GOP presidential campaign mentions Tea Party opposition…

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Coherency in Education Standards – Why does it matter?

By, Cathy Kotlarek If there is one constant in education it is change. Ask any teacher, and they will tell…

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Video: Kasich on Common Core

In this video, Ohio Governor, John Kasich explains Common Core. Click here to view.

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Teacher Helping Students Common Core

Benefit to Students

Michigan’s Higher Standards puts more focus on critical thinking and problem solving, the real world skills students need to succeed after high school.
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Empty Elementary Classroom

Why It’s Right for Michigan

According to 2011 national testing, Michigan has fallen to the bottom tier of states in student performance. We need to raise our game.
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Caring Elementary School Teacher

Who Supports Michigan’s Higher Standards

Michigan teachers, principals and administrators, business leaders and parents.
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Teacher Helping Writing Common Core


Answers to some commonly asked questions about the standards.
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Let’s give Michigan students access to the same rigorous math and reading standards as their peers across the country. Let’s prepare them for success after high school.