• Common Core helps move students from passive learners to critical thinkers who are college and career ready.” Bobbi Jo Kenyon, 2012-2013 Michigan Teacher of the Year Read More

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MCHSS Testimony on SB 826

Thank you for the opportunity to testify today in opposition to Senate Bill 826. In addition to speaking to the…

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Michigan’s High Standards and Rigorous Assessment Set a New Baseline and Course for Improvement

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (Oct. 27, 2015) – Statewide student scores on Michigan’s new, more rigorous assessment of student learning, show…

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Common Core is Changing Teaching for the Better

by Janice Killelea, Politico Governor Cuomo made news last week by announcing the formation of a task force to study New…

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Parents Want Tests to Work for Kids, Not Just for ‘System’

Education Post Ed Post Poll of Public School Parents Also Shows That They See Themselves as Most Responsible for Student…

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New Assessments Like Smarter Balanced Give Educators “The Facts.” What Do They Do With Them?

by Karin Chenoweth, The Huffington Post I have begun a quest to see how folks whom I consider to be…

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No Quick Fix in Education

Common Core will take time to implement, but it’s critical to assessing student learning. by Laura Bay, National PTA President,…

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The Common Core State Standards Are Good for Democrats and Republicans

by Bill Richardson, Huffington Post Here’s an assumption few would dispute: Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much. And in…

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Test Scores Under Common Core Show That ‘Proficient’ Varies by State

by Motoko Rich, The New York Times COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio seems to have taken a page from Lake Wobegon,…

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Letter: Common Core promotes thinking, not memorizing

by Lacey Leonard-Mendola, The Buffalo News Common Core promotes thinking, not memorizing Regarding the letter, “Common Core curriculum doesn’t teach critical…

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MBAE Response to Preliminary PARCC Results

by Linda Noonan, Executive Director, MBAE, Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education Statement can be attributed to Linda Noonan, Executive Director, MBAE

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Teacher Helping Students Common Core

Benefit to Students

Michigan’s Higher Standards puts more focus on critical thinking and problem solving, the real world skills students need to succeed after high school.
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Empty Elementary Classroom

Why It’s Right for Michigan

According to 2011 national testing, Michigan has fallen to the bottom tier of states in student performance. We need to raise our game.
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Caring Elementary School Teacher

Who Supports Michigan’s Higher Standards

Michigan teachers, principals and administrators, business leaders and parents.
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Teacher Helping Writing Common Core


Answers to some commonly asked questions about the standards.
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Ready for College. Ready for Career. Ready for Life.

When Michigan students graduate high school, they expect to be prepared for whatever comes next – career, post-secondary training, or college. For many Michigan students, this simply is not the case. Michigan’s career- and college-ready standards are now preparing our students for success after high school.